What we do and more on our background

We use the Blue Ocean strategy: 

 THE FIRST COMPONENT is adopting a blue ocean perspective so that you expand your horizons and shift your understanding of where opportunity resides. Too many organizations are wedded to industry best practices even as they strive to break away from them. Find out how adopting the perspective of a blue ocean strategist opens your mind to what could be, instead of limiting it to what is.

THE SECOND COMPONENT is having practical tools for market creation with proper guidance on how to apply them to translate a blue ocean perspective into a commercially compelling new offering that creates new market space. Find out how market-creating tools and guidance can enable you to ask the right questions at the right point in the process and to see the significance of the answers. 

THE THIRD COMPONENT is having a humanistic process, something we have come to call “humanness”, which inspires and builds people’s confidence to own and drive the process for effective execution. Find out how to tackle internal hurdles and inspire and build people’s confidence to create transformative change. 

Peter T. Cacioppo:        Owner, Eagle Hill Capital, 2017 to Present, a Venture Capital Firm. www.eaglehillgroup.net .

 Owner, Eagle Hill Wealth Management   July, 2002 to October, 2017
This was a fee-only financial planning/wealth management/registered investment advisor firm located in La Jolla, CA (San Diego, CA)

Ombudsman               FDIC    1995-June, 2002

Liquidation Officer       FDIC    1990-1994

Vice President         Southwest Bank, Vista, CA    1988-1989

Financial Advisor      Merrill Lynch/Centrex Financial/NASD   1982-1988

Bank Examiner         FDIC    1973-1982