Eagle Hill Advisor

               Peter T. Cacioppo retired 10-12-2017.  Education: University of Missouri-Columbia, BS Business Administration, with emphasis in Finance, graduated 1969. 

Experience: Eagle Hill Wealth Management- Owner of this firm, a Registered Investment Advisor, State of California  2002 to October, 2017.  Obtained his Certified Financial Planner ™ certification on June 30, 1984 and renewed it until November 2017, making him one of the longest holders of the designation.  Previously, financial planner with Centrex Financial, stockbroker with Merrill Lynch and commissioned bank examiner with the FDIC. Experience with the FDIC included educational courses in facilitation and ombudsmandry and use of these skills on a daily basis..  Interests: Enjoys international travel and gourmet dining.  Married to Rhonda Cacioppo, a retired examiner with the NCUA, since 1983.  Venture capital firm web page is www.EagleHillGroup.net

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